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Our Valuable Team Members

MitzyGooseSocial Media Princess
Mitzy is a chatty, sociable goose who enjoys posting on social media. When the other geese are too shy to speak, Mitzy takes over.

Like all of the Geese, Mitzy enjoys crafting and her latest passion is spinning and weaving.
Favorite Food: Teriyaki Beef bowl

WilburGooseLead Developer
Wilbur is often our leader and “devil’s advocate”. He’s a lovable goose, but he can come across as crabby, particularly when discussing girl goose shopping habits.

Favorite Food: Edamame all the way (no salt pls!)

CarsonGooseJr Developer and Wilbur's assistant
Carson is Wilbur’s alter ego. When Wilbur’s crabby, Carson tries to make peace, particularly during fights about girl goose shopping habits! There are days when it seems that it’s the girls against Wilbur. Carson tries to smooth everyone’s feathers and in the end, everyone is back to being a friendly and happy goose.

Favorite Food: Udon – no green onions or fish cake!

PurlaGooseKnitter Extraordinaire
Purla has a passion for crafting, knitting in particular! She loves hand knitting and machine knitting. Even though it’s NOT knitting, she also is trying to do a bit of crochet for edgings for her – KNITTING. 🙂

Favorite Food: Saimin – no green onions or fish cake. (it figures, right?)

SallyGooseHead of the Shipping Department and Avid Stamper/Scrapper
Sally loves to ship packages to people. In between of packing packages, she loves to stamp everything that doesn’t move and create scrapbook pages about items that do move.

Favorite Food: It changes, but today it’s Asian Chicken Salad.

OpalGooseOrder Taker and Product Picker
Opal enjoys picking items out of inventory and gathering them up for Sally to ship. In between of her order processing duties, she enjoys playing Candy Crush (all variations) and designing items for the 3D print store.

Favorite Food: FRENCH FRIES…all shapes, all sizes (except crinkles…no crinkles!) Latest passion…sweet potato fries.

CoralGooseCustomer Service Department
Coral enjoys getting calls from customers! When she’s not working the phones, she is also learning to crochet, spin and do the “finishing” (weaving ends, washing yarn and products etc).

Favorite Food: Chick-Fil-A anything!!!! (no dipping sauces)